Business Out The Box B.O.B.

Why Network as a Service? The network is the backbone of business and when it goes down, business stops, communication stops, transactions stop and money – lots of it – is lost.

What is Business Out of the Box?

B.O.B. is the future of Business
Future of the Small Office / Home Office

KTG combined our A+ technology services and support with the industry’s top innovative products, packaged them together for Business Out of the Box. B.O.B. is designed for small and medium business budgets and, whether working at the office or from home, B.O.B. provides the tools you need for the future of business.

Business Class Router with 4 G LTE internet failover

Incorporating advanced security features with fully integrated 4G LTE out of the box ready carrier service, enable you to always stay connected to the Internet.

  • Fully integrated LTE service (no contract, overages or throttling)
  • Stateful firewall
  • Enhanced web content filtering
  • Safe search

No more weak WiFi signals

WiFi works best when it utilizes smart technology to self tune for better performance.

  • Self-healing mesh
  • Built-in Captive Portal (Offer free branded WiFi)
  • Faster Internet browsing

Plug & Play Enterprise Network

It has never been this easy to get enterprise class network infrastructure deployed and and running.

  • Setup in minutes; we do all of the heavy lifting before shipping
  • A+ Support from start to finish
  • Personal tech assigned to your deployment

An Insurance policy for your critical data

Keep critical systems, intellectual property and customer data, safe from ransomware, phishing, malware, and other cyberattacks

  • Next-generation protection
  • Contextual threat intelligence
  • Quickly restore data on lost or stolen PCs to a new device
  • Granularly recover individual files and folders
  • Rollback after a ransomware attack with point-in-time restore

Network as a Service
Work From Home Options

Secure your SOHO and keep your Internet up and running even if your primary Internet connection goes down, so you can get that job done.
Standard B.O.B.
  • 1-Business Class Firewall
  • Auto 4G LTE Internet Failover
  • 1-Wireless Access Point
  • Configuration Services
  • 60 Day Support
  • *One-time sign-up fee $125.00
Premium B.O.B.
  • All Standard Features plus
  • 1-Managed Power Supply
  • Krimson Guard Corps (1yr for 1 user/device)
  • **End Point Security & PC Continuity
  • 12 month vCIO
  • *One-time sign-up fee $125.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there hidden fees if I need to use the internet failover?

No. All fees and costs are included in the B.O.B. price.  There are no additional fees, overage fees, taxes, or surprise charges.  You can predict your costs based on the standard or premium tier you chose.

What Carriers are behind the 4G LTE backup internet service?

We only use Verizon or AT & T.  You can request either if you have a preference.  However, we will check your location and make a recommendation based on the coverage areas of the two carriers.

Is there a throttling limit on the backup service?

No.  The service does not throttle, you will not be charged anything if the firewall uses the 4G failover internet.  Keep in mind that the 4G service should not be used as your primary service.  Once in failover state, your network will have access to the internet but in a degraded state because your internet will be riding the local cellular 4G signal.  Typical speeds with a solid cellular signal will be 5Mbps-12Mbps.  Once the primary internet connection comes back online the failover will auto hand off the network to the primary internet circuit.

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